Digital Darwinism

Digital Darwinism is when technology and society evolve faster than an organization can adapt. Digital Darwinism is a fate that threatens most organizations in almost every industry, but particularly in the pharmaceutical industry in India.

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Donald J. Trump is POTUS

Initial reactions of the stock market to Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential Elections is one of joy as witnessed by the jump in share prices. This is obviously a very unmuted reaction to the settling down of the anti-pharma rhetoric offered by Hillary Clinton. While investor sentiment is obvious, what I find surprising […]

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Current and Future Trends for Pharma

We live in exciting times. New technology and innovation that can change the way we live, is pouring out at unprecedented frequency. It is well known that although the pharmaceutical industry is considered to be very technologically advanced, it is also one that is quite inward focused and therefore stuck in the past. Therefore, it […]

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Will pharma forsake emerging markets?

The post-9/11 world was a difficult place for both political and business leaders to adjust to. As power structures in the world shifted, the developed world struggled to retain political and economic control in a scenario sometimes described as the ‘decline of the West’. Capital fled these risky markets in search of those that were […]

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A pinch of creativity and a fist full of commercial effectiveness

Rapid change across the pharmaceutical industry in India is causing many companies to re-evaluate their sales and marketing strategies. The rampant generic nature of the market leaves it commoditized with little to no leg-room for branding and differentiation. The threat of price control and loose IP laws discourage the launch of innovative products leaving little […]

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Sealed Doors of Bomb Shelters

When discussing why the pharmaceutical industry does not use social media, Andrew Spong (@andrewspong), one of the best known names on the health care social media circuit once tweeted,   “Without the change in mindset, for pharma SM can be akin to trying to hold a conversation through the sealed doors of a blast shelter” […]

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Impact of declining R&D on innovation

Successful innovation is seen as one of the most important means through which the global pharmaceutical industry competes and grows, especially in the current era of the knowledge economy. Since its inception, the industry has always aimed to achieve innovation led growth. This is because a direct causal link is often assumed between innovation and […]

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