The Digital Economy

The first time I heard the term ‘digital economy’ in the medical context, it was from a reputed doctor who was a co-panelist and speaker at a company town hall event on digital marketing. It did not surprise me one bit that the doctor knew more about the digital economy than most of the pharma […]

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Slaying the Digital beast

Recently, I did an interview with MedicinMan on digital technology, its applications in health care and its adoption by the pharmaceutical industry. The interview, published earlier in MedicinMan, is reproduced below: Q : What exactly is digital? Digital technology is an amazing system whereby information (words and images) are stored in the form of code. This […]

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Health and the freedom of choice

People talk a lot about “freedom” these days.  Be it freedom from colonial rule or the freedom of expression, the freedom of the Internet, the freedom to watch porn, to have consensual sex in beach-side resorts or the freedom to marry irrespective of faith. At the root of each of these passionate beliefs is the […]

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Will pharma forsake emerging markets?

The post-9/11 world was a difficult place for both political and business leaders to adjust to. As power structures in the world shifted, the developed world struggled to retain political and economic control in a scenario sometimes described as the ‘decline of the West’. Capital fled these risky markets in search of those that were […]

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Pharma Selling Model must Adapt

Pharma Selling Model must Adapt  (Listen to the audio file (5:03) by clicking on the link) Worldwide, medical research and health care philosophy is undergoing fundamental shifts. The first is a fundamental and significant shift in healthcare philosophy and medical research – from a world in which we “react” to disease and illness after it has […]

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FDI in Pharma – Fools (can) Destroy India

Earlier this month, a Parliamentary Standing Committee tabled its recommendations on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the pharmaceuticals sector. Surprisingly for a country that recently prided itself for unshackling its economy and pushing pro-growth reforms, the Committee recommended a blanket ban on FDI in brownfield projects which means it doesn’t want foreign pharmaceutical companies to […]

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