Slaying the Digital beast

Recently, I did an interview with MedicinMan on digital technology, its applications in health care and its adoption by the pharmaceutical industry. The interview, published earlier in MedicinMan, is reproduced below: Q : What exactly is digital? Digital technology is an amazing system whereby information (words and images) are stored in the form of code. This […]

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A pinch of creativity and a fist full of commercial effectiveness

Rapid change across the pharmaceutical industry in India is causing many companies to re-evaluate their sales and marketing strategies. The rampant generic nature of the market leaves it commoditized with little to no leg-room for branding and differentiation. The threat of price control and loose IP laws discourage the launch of innovative products leaving little […]

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Indian Pharma’s Day of Reckoning

The pharmaceutical industry is often thought of as tired and old because of its risk-averse nature. Hardly anything exciting or ‘game-changing’ happens in it. However, it appears that around the bend lies a stormy time that will test the mettle of its leaders. Over the last few days at least three very important developments took […]

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Health, Care and Services

Consumerism, genomics and the Internet are probably three predominant trends impacting health care in recent years. All three are radically altering how health is defined and delivered. During my conversations with pharmaceutical executives, hospital administrators, doctors, paramedical personnel, service providers/vendors to the health care industry and patients, most thoughts congregate towards one macro point. They […]

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