Slaying the Digital beast

Recently, I did an interview with MedicinMan on digital technology, its applications in health care and its adoption by the pharmaceutical industry. The interview, published earlier in MedicinMan, is reproduced below: Q : What exactly is digital? Digital technology is an amazing system whereby information (words and images) are stored in the form of code. This […]

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Current and Future Trends for Pharma

We live in exciting times. New technology and innovation that can change the way we live, is pouring out at unprecedented frequency. It is well known that although the pharmaceutical industry is considered to be very technologically advanced, it is also one that is quite inward focused and therefore stuck in the past. Therefore, it […]

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Health and the freedom of choice

People talk a lot about “freedom” these days.  Be it freedom from colonial rule or the freedom of expression, the freedom of the Internet, the freedom to watch porn, to have consensual sex in beach-side resorts or the freedom to marry irrespective of faith. At the root of each of these passionate beliefs is the […]

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