Feedback on the Webinar Series

“Digitally Engaging Customers” – the webinar series has successfully completed one batch and is halfway into the second batch. We will complete the second batch on May 10th and begin the third batch on May 16th. For those of you who are interested in first-hand feedback of participants, here are some testimonials that I received. I will keep updating this post as I receive more.

Dear Salil sir

This was first time i have participated in webinar base module. First of the module was very apt to current scenario. It paves a way to clears the misconceptions about going digital.

Every piece of information showed was backup by fact And figure. Key message for me was

  • work on how to give better customer experience
  • HCP are interested in service not in our push content
  • Various remote engagements model, KPI and matrix how to derive benefit from it.
  • Patient centric approach can give you an  edge over competitors

Each and every guest speaker has added different flavours to module in their unique way. I would not like to compare which one was best. Because each one enlightened different aspect and given various insightful thoughts about subjects.

Over all it was learning experience. Digital is ocean and these were few precious pearls of knowledge we picked up.We wish to have many more pearls and i look forward to attend such even in future too.

Warm regards

And here is another one…….

Dear Salil,

I thoroughly enjoyed each of the five modules! It did not feel like a first batch at all – to begin with, the discipline was great in terms of beginning on time, Q&A at the end as a combination between typed chat and oral questions, the calendar invitations/links and all content shared with us in a timely manner.
On content – it is exactly what I expected when I signed up! Practical content for pharma marketeers. I went from pharma to life insurance and am moving back to pharma – Corp Comm of Strides Pharma, Bangalore, starting next week. The reason I signed up in spite of being a Corp Comm professional and not exactly a marketeer was that as I come back to pharma, it is important that I get back in touch with the meat of the business – marketing. And your modules helped me do just that!
The external speakers had clearly been given detailed briefs and had put together their material painstakingly.
Your own coordination of everything was very user-friendly. You stepped in when needed, and zoomed out when you knew the external speaker was in control, and you ensured all questions were answered.
The mix of you and external speakers worked very well. The 11am slot of weekends too was very well thought through!
I have been following you on Twitter since my Cipla days so was very excited to sign up. Thank you for the wonderful learning opportunity. I will of course highly recommend it to colleagues!
Thanks, and best regards,
And another one…..
One of the finest experience ever had for any course. We thank Mr. Salil Kallianpur for such a great course module providing enlightenment and broader perspective for Digital wave to put into practice for the industry. I would highly recommend the same for my fellow professionals.
A sincere thank you to everyone who participated and to those of you who have registered for the future batches.
Update: Here’s how the second batch polled the series on completion.
Batch 2 - Poll Results
The registrations are open. In case you are interested, please fill up this form and I will reach out to you with details.

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