Content and Power

Image: Netflix

Who says a series has to be seen sequentially? Netflix doesn’t. If it gets this right, no two people will watch its new series Love, Death + Robots in the same way. That is content magic. Netflix is perfecting the art of giving the power of content consumption to its subscribers.

It’s all about power, isn’t it? If the power to control is retained (or given to consumers), people are happy. Hence the best form of marketing is when it doesn’t feel like marketing.

Pharma is exactly the opposite. Power is mono-directional. Sales force is unhappy as it feels that marketing retains too much power. Doctors want to keep power often making the experience terrible for patients. Letting power go is probably the key to a better customer experience.

*Empowerment* is a huge concept.

It’s big in leadership.

It’s big in followership.

It’s big in business.

Yet not many understand what it truly means.

Back to Netflix. They started experimenting “giving power” through a recent show called Bandersnatch. That’s when they showed that even impersonal content distribution can be made to shift power of choice to consumers.

I haven’t watched Love, Death + Robots yet, but I definitely intend to. For those of you who have, please share your experiences. I’d love to hear. What can we learn and apply?

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