I Find…

I find myself thinking.

I find myself wondering about the world

I find the world doing better economically

I find that a wealthier world is an unhealthier world

I find the global disease burden increasing

I find governments trying to control health care costs

I find governments unwilling to renounce patents and embrace free markets

I find the industry insisting that patents fuel innovation

I find the industry R&D pipelines are still relatively dry

I find the US-FDA approving many new medicines that are more or less like the old

I find the prices of those medicines increasing

I find the industry still complaining of pricing pressure

I find the industry cajoling governments to negotiate unfair trade deals

I find that those trade deals can further drive up medicine prices

I find the same governments who speak of alleviating poverty around the world, negotiating those deals

I find the industry worried about future growth

I find industry leaders looking for growth in the same place

I find companies acquiring and merging for quick but largely unsustainable wins

I find companies struggling to grow but resistant to change

I find the industry focused more on Wall Street than on patients

I find health systems encouraging disease than prevention

I find patients and caregivers increasingly dissatisfied with medical care

I find patients and caregivers more willing to empower themselves with information

I find the industry doing too little too late to empower them

I find the industry wide open for non-traditional competition to pave the rules of the future

I find a large majority unwilling to live healthy and reduce dependence on those faulty health systems

I find them asking what the alternative is

I find them largely unable to think or decide

I find myself wondering about the world

I find myself thinking.

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