My thoughts on commercial effectiveness in India

The Commercial Effectiveness in India 2012 (CEIN 2012) conference was held at the Courtyard Marriott hotel in Mumbai on Saturday, August 4th. I was supposed to speak at the conference but due to a professional engagement, I had to excuse myself.

However, I followed the conference on social media such as Twitter and not only kept myself updated with the proceedings, but participated in the “live-tweeting” too.  Although, I never had the chance to meet my fellow tweeters (barring one) yet, I felt ‘connected’ and not out of the domestic pharma circuit at all.

Top pharmaceutical journalist  Mr. Vikas Dandekar, who was present at the meeting had this to say about it.

Fellow live tweeter and well known social media strategist, Mr. Varadharajan Krishnamoorthy (also not physically present at the conference) “storyfied” the conversation. Take a look here

If you’d like to know what happened on Saturday at the CEIN 2012, follow the hashtag #CEIN2012 on Twitter. The attached Youtube video is a compilation of my thoughts on commercial effectiveness and what I would have liked to speak on, if I was present. Physically, I mean. I hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “My thoughts on commercial effectiveness in India

  1. These thoughts show that Salil knows #pharma like the backside of his palm. Really nice to see a very thoughtful and practical view on status quo and potential that is ahead. Salil, you need to develop the tribe to take #pharma forward.


  2. Would ve been great to catch and share thoughts …. I gave my piece of mind on social digital in pharma.. Opportunity during panel discussion.
    Lets catch up once you r back in town.


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