Product Ads on Websites

Well, its heartening to see no comments even after a few days. Either no one knows about this blog or no one cares. Either ways, its cool! A few thoughts that I wanted to ‘pen’ down here. Was wondering why pharma product websites dont have ads on them. Is it because, the product sites are hit as a result of an ad-click? Or is it a regulatory requirement? Dont know. But want to know. Why hasn’t any product manager thought of advertising on pharma product websites as a potential source of revenue or as a new stream to the brand’s topline? I am sure there is someone who has thought about it. But why havent they succeeded? Again my Q about it being a regulatory hurdle? I visited the Crestor website ( No ads! Just links to AZ’s programs. The same thing on the Norvasc site ( No ads placed! WHY?
10:29 AM

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