Scope of Real World Evidence

This morning, I had an opportunity to spend time with some senior pharma executives,  one particularly who had a profound impact on me during my early days in marketing. We had a very interesting chat on big data – especially real world evidence – its scope and possibilities in the way pharma marketing can evolve […]

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In the service of the people

Pharma executives, especially those selling generics, constantly seek salvation through differentiation for their products. Even then, surprisingly, they never consider services. Conventional marketing wisdom informs us that when brands cease to differentiate, salvation lies in services. Yet, pharma seems unmoved by conventional wisdom, continuing to pursue marketing products while desperately seeking differentiation. In an environment […]

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Platforms and Patient Centricity

Today, a pharma executive said he was proud of the patient-centricity that he inculcated in his team. I asked him if his team would recommend a competitor’s brand to a patient who couldn’t afford theirs, or point the patient to a better doctor who didn’t Rx their brand? Would they walk his talk? If they […]

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Data, Distribution and Discounts: E-pharmacies and Pharma

Pharma and healthcare organizations need to constantly revisit their company culture and its agility to respond to policy changes. Enabling culture to embrace such change is technology and innovation. Industry, needs to invest in and work alongside enterprising startups in order to yield strategic dividends. One such collaboration was in the news today. Although speculative, […]

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Content and Power

Image: Netflix Who says a series has to be seen sequentially? Netflix doesn’t. If it gets this right, no two people will watch its new series Love, Death + Robots in the same way. That is content magic. Netflix is perfecting the art of giving the power of content consumption to its subscribers. It’s all […]

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